Jan 5

Imagination and memory are my salvation,
I lay through insomniac nights as i do through restless days, paralyzed is what they believe i am..

All those passions, dreams, imaginations, comforts locked in and hidden in the deepest chest of my mind where no one will ever be privileged to reach.
only I, the physically weakest of you can open that chest to reveal its treasures through the blink of a left eye, try as i may, it is only a tint of that treasure which you have received in the form of The diving bell and the butterfly.

It is said i am a man who speaks in silence.
The only difference between you and i is that the whole world thinks i cannot speak, though the world does not know,yet, you cannot speak.

I was like many of you are,
I could not speak, touch or move,

you cannot speak when your words carry no meaning, you cannot touch when your touches hold no feeling, you cannot move when your movement has no purpose.
my words are unspoken of yet they hold more meaning than those spoken of by you, only because they are unspoken of.
If a touch could be felt, it would have been felt throughout the whole of my physicality and spirituality.
A move i make holds more purpose and value than another’s .

My mind and imagination have been blessed with the chance to evolve, and so,

Unlike you, i may be physically incapable, though with time, unlike you, it has made me mentally capable,
Hence, i am free

- To: Jean-Dominique Bauby

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Jan 5
Through the blink of a left eye

A cheetah has been shot and killed yesterday by one of the police members in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia streets The cheetah was kept as a pet in one of the Saudi families homes, and ran away. This is not only a scandal that exposes ignorance but also a severe inhumane thing to do. please, even if u have the money, keep wild animals where they belong !

Jan 5
Poor cheetah KILLED !


Places where humans have never been to

Jan 4

"Skepticism is a resting place for human reason, where it can reflect upon its dogmatic wanderings. but it is no dwelling place for permanent settlement"

- kant

Jan 4